Why a Mini Maker Faire?

Why do I want to produce a Mini Maker Faire?  Because Makers inspire me.   Seeing people who are excited about something they made, hearing people talk animatedly about their project makes me want to go create my own.    Anyone with a passion knows that being around other like-minded people is inspiring and energizing .

Maker Faire inspires people.  Making things inspires people.

In November 2011 I got a small taste of what it will be like to bring a Mini Maker Faire to Orange County.   My family and I hosted a paper rocket making and launching booth at the Beall Center’s Family Day event.   The table was packed with adults, teens and younger kids all intensely focused on creating and building their own paper rockets.

 Shouts of wonder and thrill as the rockets shot up into the air filled the plaza and many people around the event paused to look up and see where the rocket would finally fall to earth.   It was glorious!

As for the big Maker Faire, this will be the 5th year that my family and I have traveled up to San Mateo, Calif. for the Bay Area Maker Faire and I can’t wait.   The energy and commaraderie felt is amazing and to now bring that wonderful feeling to my home community makes me happy.    Already I’ve met some great people and seen some fantastic projects that I can’t wait to show off at the OC Mini Maker Faire.

It will be a great day for people to discover the Maker in themselves!


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