OC Mini Maker Faire team member James has been learning how to make cheese, here he talks about some of his successes and failures.

Its Tuesday and my Head Hurts

Saturday April 7th Joe and I made cheese all day long.  Some of the cheese worked and some did not.

Batch 1: Farmer Cheese from buttermilk.  This came out fantastic! The curds came out soft and tasty.  I made the buttermilk from a half gallon of milk and about a 1 1/2 of butter milk with cultures and 12 hours for the cultures to work their magic.

Batch 2: Mozzarella from Home Dairy with Ashley English.  This batch turned out to be a failure.  I know now that the curds never set.  Its in the trash now.

Batch 3: Again the Mozzarella recipe, with a critical eye to details of time, temperatures and measurements to no avail.  Heating up these little tiny curds did not result in Mozzarella.  It tasted like disappointment.

Batch 4: Cheddar Cheese curds from the Cheese Making website.  This cheese will not be rushed!  When…

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