The Wonder, Why? and WHOA!

“This is how kids should be learning! With all the wonder, the why and the WHOA!”  This was the sentiment of Michelle from Class Act Builders  after her 16 year old daughter made and launched her own paper rocket at the HB Mercado on Saturday.








We discussed the concept of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) that is rising in our educational system today.   She had never heard of it but was excited to learn of it’s exisitence and growing prevelence.    Michelle is looking forward to the OC Mini Maker Faire and all the things it will have to offer for everyone, not just kids.

Our rocket launcher has always been a big hit wherever we take it but, today James pulled out The Big Guns or, to put it more accurately, The Double Gun.

The double rocket attachment!


Lots of questions were asked and answered like, “Which one will go higher and why?”   There are many factors that go into the height and speed of a paper rocket including what kind of tape you use, how many layers you put on, how many fins you use, etc.  Kids, teens and adults alike explored the ins and outs of rocketry.

You don’t have to catch us at an event in order to make and launch a rocket, you can do-it-yourself at home!  Make Magazine vol 15 has all the details, even better you can find them online in this Makezine Blog.   OC Mini Maker Faire team member James and his son Miles made this launcher one weekend last summer and it cost less than $40 but has given hundreds of people hours of fun.

People really enjoy our Paper Rocket Build and Launch activity but, we’re thinking about changing it up a bit and going for something new, what kind of traveling activity would you like to see us do?


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