Maker Faire 2012 Day One

Maker Faire is a fabulous showcase of the wide range of amazing things that people make.

From solar powered popcorn poppers…

…to gorgeous costumes and period outfits.

Electric cartoon birds run on Arduino…

…to non-electric robot puppets run on hand-power.

From electric hair…

…to pretend guitars.

There’s room for clock-makers…

…and lapidary artists.

There’s a place for laughter and fun…

…and breathtaking views.

This is all made from masking tape.   Yes, every bit of it masking tape.

Except for the hangers covered with multi-colored material on the wall.

Wandering through the Maker Faire is wandering through the imagination of over 900 people and it’s an eye-opening, inspiring experience.


One response to “Maker Faire 2012 Day One

  1. nicely done

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