Make Room! at LOSCON39


The friendly folks at DIG  invited us to join them again for their 2nd annual Make Room at the LOSCON39 Science Fiction Convention during the weekend after Thanksgiving.   This year we were in a bigger space with even more Makers and I loved the wonderful comraderie we all shared.  Makers included: Deezmaker 3D print shop, a beer maker from the Maltose Falcons Brewing Club, Tim Lewis the animatronics guy, several tables of Arduino projects, the ThinBot Bartending Robot, Crash Space, Mag Labs, an amazing NAO robot and more.  Larry Burch ran an Arduino workshop and he and Annika from LA Robotics Club were part of an Arduino panel at 10am that was packed!

NAO robot J2 performing Tai Chi.  This robot was fascinating to watch, it can dance, sit down and stand up and even recognize faces.  Handler Jay Jay (Danilo Napalan)

The ThinBot Bartending robot by Kevin Roche, the bell notifying you that your drink is ready is a perfect touch.

Tim Lewis, Tim Laren, James Howarth and Larry Burch,  whom I bemusedly dubbed The Arduino Geek Squad for the weekend.

Larry Burch holding the beginnings of a gun made with Arduino.

Half of Darth Vader’s 3D printed head from Deezmakers.  Bequi asked for the castoff in order to see if it would work as a Mason Bee habitat.  Mason Bees are stingless native pollinators in North America.


2 responses to “Make Room! at LOSCON39

  1. Hi there,

    When do you have activities or Fair that children can attend? I’m totally new and having no idea.

    Thank you and have a great day, Jane


    • Hi Jane,

      The OC Mini Maker Faire is open to all ages and we have something for everyone! Kids are the next generation of Makers so we love having them involved. You can find us on Facebook as OC Mini Maker Faire, on Twitter as MadlyMakingOrng and on Google+ as Madly Making Orange.

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