Robotis Inc.


On Nov. 28th Jinwook Kim from Robotis Inc. invited me to observe one of the Kidslab classes that they offer.   He also provided a free kit for my 12 year old son and invited him to join the class.

The OLLO kit is fun and versatile although, it does contain really small parts that challenge fine motor skills.


Jinwook and I had a long pleasant conversation in which he stressed his strong desire to bring STEM education to as many grade school kids as possible.    His idea for being a part of the OC Mini Maker Faire in 2013 is to showcase kid’s projects from throughout the year.  In future years, when we have a larger venue, he might like us to host area competitions.

“ROBOTIS KidsLab teaches elementary school students math and
science through the use of the educational robot kit named OLLO.”

Miles enjoyed the class and since bringing the kit home he has designed and built many new projects on his own using the OLLO parts.



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