Community College Makers

Makers can be found everywhere including in Design classes at Community Colleges!  Recently I was invited to attend the Golden West College Design Department Student Show called Connection Points.

I particularly enjoyed this S’Mores Clock.  The graham cracker is the minute hand and the chocolate marks the hour.


Design program instructor, Greg Wight, has partnered with a local physician  who creates an amazing Halloween display each year in Huntington Beach which attracts thousands of spectators and media attention.  GWC Design students help to build huge props and displays which include animatronics and walk through attractions on the streets of a local neighborhood.

In 2011 the theme was Scary Tales and included sets portraying Alice in Wonderland, The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, The Three Little Pigs and other stories.   Following is a photo of the top half of Titan from Little Mermaid, this piece stands over 15 feet tall.


The theme in 2012 was The Wizard of Oz including the Wicked Witch of the East and The Great Oz, both of which are animatronic and include sound.



Many forms of design were displayed at the show including lots of artwork, fiber arts, sculpture, 3D printed pieces and this cool model of a concept house…


It’s great to see young people making and creating and the partnership for the Halloween display is particularly special here offering a great opportunity to apply and increase skill

Solar powered vehicle build by GWC Design program students.

Solar powered vehicle build by GWC Design program students.

.  We hope to see some of Greg’s students showing off their talent at the OC Mini Maker Faire soon!


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