Paper Bag Books

Here’s a fun reuse project to do with, or for, kids!  You will need:

  • Four paper lunch bags
  • glue (school glue or glue stick will work, just something sticky)

That’s it!  That’s the basics anyway, you can also have materials on hand for creating a cover if you want like felt or sheets of craft foam or decorative paper or what ever material you want.

So, start with four paper lunch bags:


First, keeping them folded, glue the flap that is the bottom of the bag down.


Then fold the bags so that the bottom is on the outside.


Next, you want to glue the bottom panel of one bag to the top part of another bag, do this with all the bags.



Make sure to cover the bag well with glue, especially along the edges.

And there you have the basic book!


Now you can get fancy and make a cover!  The black book is covered with felt and there is a fan of colored foam with sticky backs to make it easy.


Our resident teen artist covered her book with white craft foam then used puffy stickers and paint on it.


They can also be decorated for a holiday and given as gifts or extra fancy cards.  (This one is drying after having hearts applied with Mod Podge.)


We were gifted one of these fun little books with prompts on each page to help encourage them to be used.


And since the open end of the bag is facing out they can be used as secret pockets to keep treasures in!  How about using one as a recipe book.  Recipes can be clipped out of magazines and kept in the pockets while others can be written on the pages.  White lunch bags can be used as well.  Play with it and make it your own!


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