Makers of MakerPlace

Lounge at MakerPlace

It’s a pretty impressive facility, the digs at MakerPlace in San Diego.  They’ve got all the dream machines for woodworking, crafting (sewing & quilting), metal working, laser cutting, electronics and 3D printing not to mention office space, conference rooms and storage for your materials.   So it’s no wonder that at the One Year Birthday Celebration on Saturday May 9th there were some fantastic Makers there showing off their stuff.

I had made plans to meet with Dublin Mini Maker Faire organizer Tomas Ward and we thought this was the perfect place and time to do just that.

Tomas Ward

We had a great time touring the facilities and meeting the Makers.   Balazs Moldovan had some great whiskey and wine barrel chairs.  You can tell which ones had held red wine in a past life by the cheery rose tint and those that were charred to give a smokey flavor to whiskey.   The hole in the back of the chair is called the bunghole, it’s where the plug went in the barrel for draining the liquid.  This particular chair can swivel and has a reclining option too. Whiskey Barrel Chair by Balazs Moldovan Lots of other beautiful woodwork to be seen as well… WP_000242 Pat Downing was there representing blacksmiths with some nice metal work. Pat Downing metal As well as James Cosimini with his mini portable forge and some pretty knives. ???????????????????????? There were some nice textile arts on display including quilts and a “painting” made of stitching. WP_000241   One of my favorite things about gathering together Makers is the fun juxtapostion of odd things like custom made skateboard decks and Halloween quilts. WP_000240   Gary was there with the beginnings of his Mail-bot.  Gary lives at the top of a hill but, his mailbox is at the bottom so, he’s building a bot that will switch out mailboxes for him. Gary S. with mailbot   The brains are made up of a Smartphone and a Nullspace built microprocessor.mailbot brains   Also in the robot area was this cool hand (no one was there to demo it for us) WP_000250

…and this great Steampunk Aether Wave Disruptor by R.E. Calou.

Aether Wave Disruptor by R.E. Calou

The great thing is that with all these tools and machinery at their fingertips the Makers of MakerPlace can create all kinds of interesting things.

Light up wall art (laser etched glass):


Steampunk wine cellar doors:


Curiously strange mythical beasts like Grinnus Hexapedus:

Grinnus Hexapedus

San Diego definitely has lots of fodder for a terrific Maker Faire!  If you find yourself in the area go check out MakerPlace, you never know what you’re going to see.



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