Arxterra: Robots for Education and Science


Imagine, for a moment, that you could build a robot that can be remotely controlled using your phone then you send that robot off to explore the Mojave Desert of Southern California or the Redwoods in Northern California or the Amazon Rain Forest or… the moon??

Meet ROSCO, RObot SCOut, and Pathfinder, Playground Bots!



Arxterra is a telerobotics company developing open source, low cost robots, which can be controlled from anywhere in the world with cell phone coverage. Specifically designed for Makers, ROSCO rovers can be made for less than $168.00, sans Android phone.



Arxterra’s Pathfinder Rover, a sturdy adventurer, will be exploring the high deserts of California and visiting an ancient volcanic crater.


Gary Hill

Arxterra is the brain-child of  Gary Hill and his son who were prone to spending evenings around the campfire discussing how the real-world has gone on-line via social media and wouldn’t it be cool to bring it back around to real-world applications… with robots!  


They talked about, Robot Vacations and eventually came up with the idea to create Robot Parks where people could send their bots to explore remotely.  The parks will be manned with personnel in case of any needed robot repairs or rescues.  Eventually, these community-based telerobotic explorers will lead to the creation of a network of parks where Makers can send their robots to play, create and explore.


A look at ROSCO’s control panel and camera view.

This can also open up possibilities like Time Share Bots, Travel Bots and even Community Art Projects!


You can meet the Arxterra team and they’ll be more than happy to chat with you about this great project at the OC Mini Maker Faire on August 17th.


Arxterra is:
Sean Copp, Gary Hill, Mike Pluma, Jeff Gomes and Jeffrey Scholz

More information on Arxterra’s mission statement and links to their instructables can be found at


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  2. This can also open up possibilities like Time Share Bots, Travel Bots and even Community Art Projects!

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