Tickets at the Door / Learn to Solder Badges

We will have tickets for sale at the door:

Adult: $12
Child: $8

Learn to Solder Badges:
We will have a limited quanity of Learn to Solder Badges for sale at the Mesa ticket booth next to the Beall.  Learn to Solder badges are $3 each.

Edit: Learn to Solder Badges will be at the Mesa gate, which is in viewing distance from the Learn to Solder booth.


9 responses to “Tickets at the Door / Learn to Solder Badges

  1. not much of a ‘pre-order’ discount… 0.46 for adults and 0.68 for kids?

  2. I paid for two tickets but the page disappeared without confirming and telling me if they are will call or what?

  3. Learn to Solder Badge sales have moved to the Mesa Gate!

  4. Excellent Maker Faire! You can see my beacon-position location unit on a map here – look for the eye icon!

  5. Is there anyway I can purchase the learn to solder badges not at the faire? We had an awesome time and planned to get the badges after we were done but the booth was taken down.

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