June 2014 Update


Hello Makers!

Yesterday, President Obama proclaimed June 18 to be the National Day of Making and also hosted a Maker Faire at the White House. The event was a celebration of you, the makers. 

You can find out more at www.whitehouse.gov/maker-faire. If you look closely, you may even see our very own Gene Sherman of Vocademy!

You can also take the “Building Maker Communities” pledge at http://makezine.com/day-of-making/  and find different ideas on how to spread the making message.

We have a few upcoming events that you may want to bring your family and friends to.

Sunday June 22 is Factory eNova’s 1st Birthday. They hosted the laser cutting segment of our manufacturing trifecta. They will be having a BBQ in the parking lot  and you can see the cool stuff that people have made. Get some ideas, get inspired, learn, and make!

This Monday, June 23, we are co-hosting the Hardware Show N’ Tell  put on by our friends at OC Worx. It’s going to be held at the eagerly awaited, brand spanking new,  makerspace, Urban Workshop. While I can’t guarantee that there will be a collection of fine whiskies at this location, (the ones who attended the last event know what I’m talking about),   I can guarantee that there will be thought provoking conversation and very interesting people, (and power tools)!

Tentatively planned for Sunday June 29, the Make:OC will be hosting a Smoker Build.  We’ll be using Smokey Joe Jr grills and Steamer Pots, to make some smokers. Even if you aren’t into BBQ, feel free to come by for some fellowship. I’m sure there will be plotting on how we plan to take over the world, (with the 2015 OC Mini Maker Faire).

If you would be interesting in hosting an event, please let us know.  Thank you all for the positive impacts you are making to your communities.

Try something new and keep making!

– Arman, Bequi, James, and Chris

Note: The above graphic was cropped from the WhiteHouse.gov website.


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