Give an Old Card Table New Life!



What you will need:
1) An old vinyl topped card table
2) Thin plastic table cover (not flannel backed)
3) Scissors and hex screw tool
4) Parchment paper
5) Iron set on high


Clean the table top of loose dirt and dust then flip the table upside down to remove the legs.


Using the appropriate sized hex screw tool, remove all the screws and separate the table top from the legs.


The legs have been separated from the table top. Now you can turn the table top over.


Lay out the plastic table cover in the pattern you want. You can use pieces of different table covers cutting them into the shape and size you need.


Make sure you have 1 – 2 inches of table cover hanging over the edge of the table top.



Lay parchment paper down on the section you will be ironing.  This prevents the plastic from melting all over your iron.  Iron on high for just a few seconds. Please note that if there is no padding under the vinyl it will only take a second or two for the plastic to melt.  To check to see if the plastic has melded let the parchment cool for a few seconds then carefully lift the corner.  You will be able to see that the plastic is melted on to the vinyl. If it’s not then lay the parchment back down and iron for a few more seconds.



Make sure to run the iron along the edge of the table top so the table cover wraps around easier.


If you have rips, thin patches or you ironed for a moment too long causing the plastic to burn, don’t worry! Just iron more layers on, they’ll melt right in.


Iron the whole table top a section at a time adding layers as needed.  Make sure to leave 1 – 2 inches of plastic table cover hanging over the edges all the way around.


Turn the table top over.


Wrap the plastic around the edge of the table top.  If the plastic is long enough you can press it over the brackets that hold the screws to help hold the plastic in place.


Place the parchment over the plastic and roll your iron up from the edge to the underside of the table top.


Be sure to fuse the plastic to the underside of the table top, this should only take a second.


Fuse the plastic all the way around the edge on the underside of the table top. You really only need to tack it into place because the frame on the legs will help hold it too. Once it’s all melted on you can put the legs back on and turn it right side up.


Now you have a beautiful “new” table! If you’d like, while the top and legs are separated, you can spray paint the legs and frame what ever color you’d like.








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