Thank You!

On behalf of the volunteers that make up the production team, I wanted to extend my thanks to you for bringing the magic to the third Orange County Mini Maker Faire.  Our goal with the Faire was to bring together Makers in the community with an audience that was excited to experience something new and explore new ideas and possibilities.   It is that sharing and collaboration that makes the Faire such a special place.

This year we had a very diverse set of Makers. We had students that shared what they were learning and exploring in school about entrepreneurship, ecology, and autonomous vehicles. There were professionals who are making 3D printing accessible to all of us. There were organizations that wanted to get together so we could learn new skills in making, programing, electronics, and life. There were meet-up groups and clubs that wanted to share all our wonderful passions, hobbies, and skills.  There were folks trying to turn their hobbies and interests into businesses. There were also so many wonderful shows of artistry, crafting, creativity, and play.   And the list goes on and on. I hope that you keep in touch with those folks who showed that it was possible to do that thing you “always wanted to do” or trigged that spark in you to try something new. Please use the list of makers as a resource to help take that next step in your exploration.

We also want to send a special thanks to our sponsors who helped make this Faire a reality:

Make Media, Urban Workshop, The Beall Center for Art + Technology, Irvine Valley College, Imagine Science, Matter Hackers, Factory eNova, ACRS Medical, University Realty, Earth LCD, Mosaica Online Academy, iLead Charter Schools, Mathobotix, Chiptune, Bergwind Group, Qgits Blackstone Launchpad at UC Irvine, Oval Integration, Steam Powered Education, and Snappie.

Finally a tremendous thank you to all of the incredibly hard working volunteers who were a vital part of making the day run smoothly.  Many of you worked tirelessly throughout the day and we cannot thank you enough for your dedication and kindness shown to the nearly 2,000 people who came to experience the event.  

We’re feeling pretty proud of our Mini Maker Faire and very thankful to all of you for making it happen!


Christopher Reyes


Discover the Maker in Yourself!

Sponsored by:  Urban Workshop  Madly Making Orange, LLC  ~ Imagine Science ~ Beall Center for Art + Technology at UCI ~  Matter Hackers ~ University Reality ~ Factory eNova ~ Mosaica Online Academy of SoCal  ~ Irvine Valley College Earth LCD ~ iLEAD Charter Schools ~ ACRS

Urban Workshop


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