Bequi calls Huntington Beach homebase but roams near and far finding adventures while homeschooling her two kids.   In 2006 those adventures took her and her family to their first Bay Area Maker Faire and it was so awe-inspiring that they’ve gone back every year since.

When actually at home you may find her in the Art Space (aka her garage) fiddling with all manner of creative materials including pencils, paint, yarn (crochet), polymer clays, hot glue, paper and anything else that strikes her fancy at the moment.  She’s also been known to strum a tune or two on her ukulele and has a fondness for hats.

Being a producer of the OC Mini Maker Faire is a whole new adventure that she is thrilled to be on.   She created Madly Making Orange LLC for the specific purpose of putting on this event but she hopes that it will serve as a means to bring together the Maker community in Orange County.

To contact Bequi email her at:

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