Learn to Solder


Soldering is a useful skill for electronics repair and building.  Soldering can help you fix those broken headphones or your R/C car or rewire a vehicle or build a robot army to take over the world,  the possibilities are endless.

Look what I made!

At the OC Mini Maker Faire you will have at least two opportunities to learn how to solder.   Down Arts Alley near the Home Grown Village you’ll be able to make the little Makey-bot hat pin shown above for only $3.  It’s a simple project that won’t take long  and the end result has multi-colored flashing eyes that you can pin onto a hat or shirt.

kids soldering

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging and involved you can visit the Edtric booth in the Arts Plaza and make yourself a vibro-bot, as demonstrated below in this video.

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