Past Music Makers!

The strange, the unusual or the just plain fun!

  Hello, The Future – Indie musicianry  and DIY ethos.  Songs about science, skepticism, the TI-99, and various fandoms. Get ready to rock out with your watch parts out!
You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase nifty CDs, stickers, hoodies and T-shirts!

  The Potential Lunatics – A teenage brother and sister duo that play original alternative/punk music.  They are Emma Simons-Araya on guitar and vocals. Isaac Simons-Araya on drums. They have been performing frequently since 2008 and recently won Long Beach Post’s “40 Under 40″ award.  CDs, T-shirts and other goodies will be available.



  The Budrows – %100 Foot stompin’ cigar box rock n roll band!  Jason Farthing custom makes all of his cigar box guitars.   Visit his booth Soundbox Guitars to purchase one of his handmade cigar box guitars or learn how to build one yourself!

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