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Sparklecon 2.0


The hackers over at 23b Shop are hosting Sparklecon 2.0!

January 23-25th, 2015

Why Sparklecon?
The name is designed to promote a less formal and more fun approach to infosec and hacker topics. Rather than cultivate an image of corporate meetings or scary blackhats, Sparklecon is intended to be more of a familiar, “around the campfire” experience. This is similar to how Euro events like CCC and OHM work.

Schedule includes:
Music from Tim Marmex (maker of Rythemcore Alpha)
Simple Circuits in Minecraft
Video Game Challenge
Failwaffle Breakfast
and Tons of other fun stuff

Plus they have the Angry Electric Pickle 2.0, which looks awesome and slightly dangerous!

Head over the Sparklecon 2.0 website and RSVP.

Until next time, keep on making!