Things to Do and See

These pages are still being constructed and will be added to right up until the day of the event (May 9th, 2015) so keep checking back to see what’s new!

So far we have:

The Steampunk Encampment will be back!

Steampunk Props and how to make them yourself. The booth will have exhibits of Steampunk Props and Costums and also have a “Hands-On” Make & Take of “Make your own Steampunk Ray Gun”, $15.00 and “Make your own Steampunk Goggles” $20.00.   Learn from Steampunk makers on how to make plastics look like metal, and how to add a little “Steampunk” to you life.

Irvine Valley College Manipulation and Magic Club:

The Manipulation and Magic Club strives to spread the fun and mystery of magic and illusion, as well as demonstrating and teaching juggling,yo-yoing and Chinese yo-yo. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a demonstration of either! We will also be teaching some easy (secret) magic tricks with some willing visitors, so please come by and learn some very convincing illusions

Chiptune in Riverside:

We are a group of musicians who are dedicated to re-purposing retro electronics to create music and increase the awareness of the science of sound design. We use various waveforms and oscillate them to create different pitches that lead to new melodies, harmonies, and tonalities.

‘Chiptune’ itself is music that is created in light of the era of retro-video game consoles. Many of the artists involved in the scene use old gaming hardware such as a Nintendo, Gameboy, or any device that will deem capable.

As a ‘genre’, chiptune is a broad spectrum of musical styles. Various styles include video game, classical, metal, edm, and many experimental works. In the modern era, it’s references can be heard in TV, film, and a lot of popular music.

At our booth, we will feature different styles of chiptune music along with a jam session (where musicians will create a live song). For a hands on demonstration, ask us to show you a demonstration of the various waveforms while they’re oscillating to discover new things about waves and sound design!


Kids will connect bananas, celery, etc to makey=makey kits to play pac-man and learn how to code in Scratch

North Tustin STEAM Works:

Uniting under STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), this makerspace aims to encourage everyone to dream, build and make! This 1500 square foot facility houses tools and equipment ranging from a full music room and recording studio, technology and textiles featuring arduinos and sewing machine, a machine shop with lathe, drill press and 3HP Webb vertical milling machine, to a woodshop with two table saws and miter saw. Whether you want to fix something, upcycle something new or even prototype/fabricate a whole new paradigm, the North Tustin STEAM Works is the place for you!

Tinker the Robot:

Tinker the Robot is a robot friend that teaches girls and boys about electronics and programming!

Makersville and Club Ten:  

Game Design with Unity and Construct 2, Game Art, Creative and Technical LEGO building, sewing and spinning of wool.  Compete for LEGO prizes, try your hand at designing your very own board game!


Skate-Pods are hybrid electric-skateboard/scooter vehicles that look like Beach Cruiser bikes. CARVON is an easy and portable mini/campus cruiser electric-skateboard.

Arduino Workshops:

Taste of Arduino – a one hour free class to introduce the Arduino micro-controller.

Arduino Workshop – Build complete Arduino Projects from a kit. Charge for kits $40 – $60 range.

Steam Powered Education – Create with tech based crafts that teach while you play!  Charge for kits. $4 – $10 range

Snow Play! By the UCI High School Summer Scholar Program

At the OC Mini Maker Faire, some of last summer’s mentors will recreate one of their workshops: “Let it Snow!”, a  fun way to make “snow” in sunny Southern California. The mentors will talk about the benefits of conducting undergraduate research and getting involved outside of the classroom!

Recess Revolution:

We have a trailer full of loose parts (tires, barrels, cardboard boxes, tarps, clips, tubes, boots, gloves, goggles, safety cones, hoses, plastic bits, etc) We encourage players of all ages to be creative, collaborate and have fun. Some players create structures, others create games, others make simple machines. We are available for school and community events. See our video on our website

The California Institute of Robotics:

The California Institute of Robotics, a college that specializes in robotics, is taking the art and science of making, making robots that is, to the next level!

We will be at the OCMMF with LIFE-SIZE humanoid robots, including the lovely Robot Betty9, a robot “Clone” of Next Gen’s Lt. Cmdr. Data, as well as artificial intelligence systems, to encourage the making and programming of robots!

The California Institute of Robotics is a new college located in Riverside, CA that was founded upon the idea of taking makers-specifically robotics engineering makers-to the next level.


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