James suddenly found himself bouncing along on the adventure of a lifetime when his wife, Bequi, grabbed him by the hand and plunged head first into bringing a Mini Maker Faire to Orange County.  Not that he went reluctantly.  As Director of Technical  Services at Del Taco world headquarters in Lake Forest, Calif., he has long been fascinated with computers, electronics and all things wireless.  He began programming computers when he was 12, but his curiosity didn’t stop there.  At home on his little suburban homestead in Huntington Beach he has delved into such projects as brewing, raising chickens, gardening, bread baking and canning.  He’s even tried his hand at knitting, crochet and cheese making.  To round out his explorations, he also plays guitar, ukulele, is learning the harmonica and serves as Vice President of Education in his Toastmasters chapter.

The OC Mini Maker Faire is another great experience in his quest to make life as interesting as possible.

To contact James send him an email at: James@OCMiniMakerFaire.com

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